Wednesday, October 15, 2014

{*Latest*} Profile Pictures for Whatsapp and Facebook

Recently Whatsapp introduced Profile Pictures function for their users. Now it’s pretty much easy to pick any image or picture from your gallery files for your Whatsapp account.

We should give thanks to WhatsApp for providing Profile Pictures alternative to WhatsApp. Profile image should be in square shap if it’s not, Whatsapp will do it automatically. If you want to upload exact size of Whatsapp profile images by editing with various online images editing tools or Photoshop then picture should be 192*192 Px  for high end mobile devices like 4 inch or larger screen smartphones and for low end mobile devices it should be 140*140 Px.

You can also download free profile photos for Whatsapp or Facebook to upload them as your DP (Display Picture or Profile Picture).  If you want to upload a downloaded Profile picture which is not in exact size then there is lots of Photos editing softwares are available by them you can easily resize your Whatsapp or Facebook Display Pictures.

In addition to regular selfies, if you want to do any type of WhatsApp Profile images hacks or want computer animated WhatsApp profile pic GIFs then it is not feasible. Yet, there are great deals of remarkable pics, quotes, which you can set as your WhatsApp profile picture and also become the coolest buddy among your friends and collogues.

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So without taking so much time of you below is 50 Best Profile images for Whatsapp or Facebook. You need to just download the pic which you like and upload it as your Whatsapp Profile Picture.

Collection of Latest Profile Pictures and Images:

1. Cute Profile Pictures:

Profile Pictures



Profile pic

Profile Pics

Profile Photos





Whatsapp Profile Pictures


Whatsapp profile pics

Happy Profile pictures

Cool Profile Pics


Cool Profile Pictures

Cool girls profile pictures

Lovely profile pics

2. Funny Profile Pictures

Funny profile pictures

Funny Profile Pictures


Funny Profile Pics

Funny Profile Images

Whatsapp Funny Profile pics

Stay Tuned We'll Update more Profile Picturs for your Whatsapp or Facebook DP.  :)  :D


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