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Top 20 Whatsapp Status Quotes | Whatsapp Online Status Messages

If you are an Android or Windows user, you are probably using Whatsapp for texting your friends, Family members or sharing Whatsapp Images and videos. Most of Whatsapp user updates their Whatsapp Status  quotes daily according to mood and shares feelings with friends.

But finding right Whatsapp Status quotes which reflect your feelings and mood is quite hard. There are lots of sites and blogs on Google where you can find large no. of status for Whatsapp but you can find all type of Whatsapp Quotes and Messages at one Place that is
So Without taking too much your time here we go.


20 Best Whatsapp Status Quotes

  1. I can and I will. Watch me!!
  2. Silence speaks when words can’t.
  3. Being true to yourself is better than being a liar. Just to impress everyone.
  4. Expect nothing and you will never be disappointed.
  5. Anything is possible if you just believe.
  6. I don’t mind if other like me. After all, I’m not a Facebook Status.
  7. There is no bad religion. There are only bad people.
  8. Winner are not those who never fail but those who never quite.
  9. Don’t look at me! I know I’m looking smart.
  10. I am not king but I am king maker.
  11. I am who I am. If you don’t like me, well I don’t give a shit!
  12. Don’t take my kindness as sign of weakness.
  13. Beauty Fades After Time, But Personality Is Forever!
  14. I can drive you crazy without a driver’s license.
  15. I can drive you crazy without a driver’s license.
  16. I like sleeping because it’s like being dead, without the commitment.
  17. If being hot is a crime …….. ARREST ME.
  18. The best feeling in the world is to know that you actually mean something to someone.
  19. Never be a busy signal on the Prayer line.
  20. I’d rather have honest enemies than fake friends.
  21. Keep Smiling & One day Life will tired of upsetting you :)
  22. It’s going to get harder before it becomes easier.But it will get easier…..Just gotta get through hard stuff first
  23. .A year from now you’ll wish you might had started today.
  24. Defeat your enemies with your success.
  25. The only disability in life is a bad attitude.
  26. I am a person good enough to forgive you , but not trust you .
  27. Life always offers you a second chance it is called tomorrow.
  28. I am gonna make the rest of my life , the best of my life.
  29. Work hard , Dream big 
  30. The bad new is time flies , The good news is you are the pilot .

Whatsapp Status Quotes in Hindi

बेताब कर गयी हमें उनकी जादू भरी नज़र हम उनके देखने की अदा देखते रह गये !

कोशिश भी ना कर तू मुझे संभालने की बेहिसाब टूटा हूँ,जी भर के बिखर जाने दे !

Bhulane ki kasam kha k bhi main ne... Tujhe har rah main dhonda bohat hai....

Ehsaas badal jaate hain..jazbaat badal jaate hain.. Kuch pal intezaar to karo yaaron..yaha to pure ke pure insaan badal jaate hain !!

तुझें झूठ बोलना हम ही ने सिखाया है.... तेरी हर बात को सच मान-मान कर !

Main teri yaad se ek pal to nikal paoon .. Mere Khuda mujhe itna to bewafa karde.

Yaad karne ki humne hadd kar di lekin, Bhool jane mein tum bhi kamal rakhtey ho.

होठों से लगाकर पी जाऊ तुम्हे….सर से पाँव तक शराब जैसी हो तुम!

Ehsan Karo To Duao Me Meri Maut Mangna Ab Ji Bhar Gaya Hai Jindgi Se !

Kaisa Sitam Hai Apka Ye, Ke Rone Bhi Nahi Dete, Kareeb Aate Nahi Aur Khud Se Juda Hone Bhi Nahi Dete.

Nadan hai kitna woh kuch smajta hi nhi……. Seene se laga ke poochta hai ke dharkane itni tej kyun hai.

Milna Hai To mil Isi duniya ke chaman mai…. Phir kya milna hoga jab laash hogi kafan mai.


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